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Equilibria Kids: Child Psychologists in Philadelphia & Fort Washington

New Group Starting At Equilibria Kids

We have an exciting new group forming for boys and girls, ages 7-10, helping them navigate the challenge of developing strong social connections. Please click here to learn more about this exciting new group forming now.

Equilibria Kids' Mission

At Equilibria Kids, our child and teen specialists help children and teens establish and develop a sense of comfort and peace with who they are. We offer a wide range of therapy, assessment and evaluation services to meet the various needs that your child/teen may have, whether they are behavioral problems, social problems, emotional issues, or more complex mental health issues.

We provide a safe, fun, and active environment aimed at empowering children. Utilizing researched techniques and strategies in behavioral management, cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy and creative arts therapy, our child psychologists and therapists are skilled at making the process of therapy a fun and life enhancing experience.

Equilibria Kids' Approach to Therapy

We take this approach very seriously and help our child clients embrace who they are, emphasizing all of their strengths to work through and adapt to their different challenges.

Child Psychologists and Therapists in
Philadelphia & Fort Washington

Equilibria Kids is conveniently located in two easily accessible locations: Philadelphia and Fort Washington.

Equilibria Kids is conveniently located in two easily accessible locations in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia and Fort Washington.  We provide a variety of services psychology, therapy, counseling and assessment services to the greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, and Forth Washington communities. 

Call us at 267-861-3685, Option 1 or click below to schedule an appointment via our secure online form.

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We provide the following child and teen treatment services:


We also provide therapy, coaching and assessment for adults. Please visit our adult site to learn about the services we offer.

Learn more about our just-launched SEEDS program for teaching emotional, social and behavioral strategies in a novel format!